Sunday, 26 June 2011

High PR list to submit your blog/RSS feed

High PR list to submit your blog/RSS feed

I have compiled this list by checking one site at a time and you will only find those sites here which don't require you to register before you can submit your blog/rss feed, that's probably the best part in this list because you won't be wasting your time registering and activating account on those sites before they allow you to submit your blog/rss feeds.

       URL                                                                                   Page Rank

  •                                       5
  •                                                        6
  •                                         3
  •                              4
  •                              4
  •                  5
  •                                                 4
  •                                             4
  •                                       0
  •                                          3
  •                                                 5
  •                                 0

I have also taken the time to find out the PR of each and every site in this list and you will find sites ranging from PR 0-6 (may be more). will update this list tomorrow because now i am feeling tired and gonna get some sleep for now.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Which is better form of advertising, text link ads or graphics ad?

Which is better form of advertising, text link ads or graphics ad?

text link ads provides more information about the brand being promoted while taking less ad space on the other hand the same can’t be help true if we talk about graphics ad which requires a lot of ad space plus expertise to design such adverts. Text link ads need less expertise and even an internet newbie can design a text link ad. 

text link ads are not only cost effective but also tends to higher conversion rates because if a reader is reading and then clicking on an advert then he is possibly going to buy a product/service being advertised. Graphics ad on the other hand provides little or no information about the same and hence the conversion ratio is also not as good as compared with text link ads. 

Text link ads are also easy to embed in the content on the website and hence it’s easy to improve CTR (click through rate) while graphics ad are not that easy to embed and their CTR is also not as good.

Big brands advertise in both formats however as per different researches and conclusions on this topic it’s always better to opt for text link ads unless you have a significantly high budget for internet marketing.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Google ad

Google ad 

I have seen many people who are not happy with adsense earning, mainly because it’s not suiting their own requirements or they find it a bit too uncertain. This article is for all those people who are in the same boat and are not making money with adsense. 

To give them a helping hand, I am going to site a few adsense alternatives with a description about each one of those. 


It’s among one of those networks which are not too rough on publishers, they have some publisher friendly terms and conditions and they pay every 60 days. I have been using Adbrite from quite a long time now and never had any issues with the payment part. Adbrite is suitable for both big and small publishers, the minimum amount to request a check is $5 unlike adsense which needs you to have a minimum of $100. 


No offense, but I won’t recommend this network to any of my readers because I had some bad time with them. I have put their ads on one of my high traffic forums for more than 10 days but I was surprised to see that they never updated the clicks. I was getting 3000-4000 impressions per day but they didn’t update even a single click, and makes my total earnings for 10 days as $0.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blog content writing

Blog content writing

Blogs are good source of knowledge, if you want to learn something then the first step you should take would be subscribing to R.S.S feed of a blog which belongs to the niche you are interested in knowing about. I have seen many bloggers who put considerably good amount of time in writing blog posts, so you can imagine the quality of content, in most of the cases you will find some nice readings on popular blogs. Seomoz[dot]org Is just an example of a good to read blog. 

Blog content writing is turning into a profession, because many blog owners don’t have time to write content for their blogs and when they run out of time they need a blog content writer to keep their blogs alive and to maintain their respective rankings on search engine pages.

If you are a good content writer then you will have a lot of jobs, we can say, some of the highest paying jobs on the internet belongs to experienced content writers. You can easily find a lot of content buyers on forums like Digital Point, Warrior forum, V7n etc. what all these buyers expect from you is Quality content with minimal grammatical errors. 

Unique content will always be in demand, recent Google algorithm update is very strict when we talk about duplicate content, and most of the auto blogs are already dead or are dying slowly.  Nowadays the importance and need of Quality content writers are at its peak.

Content is needed not only for blogs but also for sites, forums, ecommerce businesses etc. if you know how to write and what to write then you have bright future ahead.

Search engine optimization aka S.E.O

Search engine optimization, pronounced as S.E.O is the process of optimizing a webpage to improve its visibility in search engine pages. Most of the traffic from search engines is redirected to the top 3 results and the remaining goes to the rest of 7 results out of a total of 10 results per page.

Google which is one of the major search engines today was founded in 1998 by Page and Brin. It succeeded to attract a loyal following among the growing number of internet users. To fight link manipulation, Google rank sites using 200 different signals. Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t disclose the algorithm they use to rank pages. 

To ensure that all of your site pages are indexed in Google, you can submit an XML sitemap feed to Google Webmaster Tools. It’s free to create an account on Google Webmaster Tools and creating an XML sitemap is also free if you are using a content management system such as wordpress. 

Search engine optimization can be broadly classified into white hat and black hat. It’s always recommended to opt for white hat tactics which tends to long term results as opposed to black hat which delivers quick results but put site in the danger zone. 

Some black hat techniques include cloaking, hidden text in div etc. sites which opts for black hat techniques are always in the danger of getting banned either through automated algorithm checks or manual site reviews and that’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t go for black hat.