Sunday, 26 June 2011

High PR list to submit your blog/RSS feed

High PR list to submit your blog/RSS feed

I have compiled this list by checking one site at a time and you will only find those sites here which don't require you to register before you can submit your blog/rss feed, that's probably the best part in this list because you won't be wasting your time registering and activating account on those sites before they allow you to submit your blog/rss feeds.

       URL                                                                                   Page Rank

  •                                       5
  •                                                        6
  •                                         3
  •                              4
  •                              4
  •                  5
  •                                                 4
  •                                             4
  •                                       0
  •                                          3
  •                                                 5
  •                                 0

I have also taken the time to find out the PR of each and every site in this list and you will find sites ranging from PR 0-6 (may be more). will update this list tomorrow because now i am feeling tired and gonna get some sleep for now.



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